Going Google

“Going Google” is the phrase companies use when they choose to move over to Google Apps for some of their IT needs.  I will be "going Google" on a more personal level — I have accepted a position in Product Management at Google! We are still working on the details of exactly what I will be working on but it will be something in cloud/web development space and I will be based here in Kirkland/Seattle.


Why did I make this transition?

I needed a change personally, to learn something new, see the tech world from a fresh perspective. And what better place than Google! As I look at where things are going in the industry (and where I think they should go), it is clear that the web, and cloud+devices specifically, are the dominant trends of the future. Working at Google will give me an opportunity to have a deep and meaningful impact on that future.

Google has benefited more than any other company from the rapid growth of the web and as such they have a responsibility to help the web grow to the next level. I am excited to see what that will look like: from the ubiquity of the rich web with HTML5 to the maturing of the cloud as an integral part of every company’s IT portfolio to open, powerful personal devices to help us navigate it all anywhere. I am excited to work at Google to help make the future arrive sooner ;-)

As far as exactly what I will do – I don’t know yet. But I have a huge passion for building and releasing software and love the developer space. I am super excited that my first week at Google will be spent at Google I/O. This conference has been sold out for weeks, so I guess the only way you can attend now is to join Google ;-).  If you are going, I’d love to connect.  I clearly have a lot to learn! 

This is obviously a HUGE change for me and I’d love to hear any advice or thoughts you have as I make the transition to being a Noogler (a new Google employee).

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  1. Tom

    Brad, wow, this is big news. Your old blog was one of the very first blogs I ever subscribed to. Thank you for all of your helpful writings over the years, and good luck in the new position!

    My advice, since you asked: watch out for the media, and flying chairs. And do whatever you can to help Google deliver on their promise that is more important than any future of technology: “don’t be evil”.

  2. Jeff Handley

    Best of luck, Brad! I expect that within a year, you’ll have gotten Google to migrate all of their web apps over to ASP.NET and Silverlight/RIA Services.

  3. Kevin Daly


    I hope it ends up being more a case of Google going Brad Abrams than the other way around – (of course my personal favourite would be to see Google become more .NET-friendly – we can always dream)

  4. ELAZ

    Wow…. First, I thought you were going to start your own business but with something related in .NET technology, so I never imagine that you’re joining Google. Anyway, I learned a lot from your book and your blog post. I wish you the best.

  5. Judah Gabriel Himango

    Wow. Google. Ha.

    Well, Jon Skeet proved you can do great C# and .NET work while still working at Google — even if it’s on your own time. ;-)

    Best of luck, Brad. The .NET world already misses you.

  6. Rob Conery

    Happy for you Brad! It was a privilege having you as my mentor at MS (and also getting interviewed by you… loved your questions…).

    You’ll have to stop saying “Super” though – and no more Cornflower Blue shirts…

  7. Darren Kopp

    If I had one wish for you to bring up in a board meeting one time, it would be this: Use mono for android.

    Good luck!

  8. Pete

    Brad, I hated to see you go, as you’ve been one of my biggest influences and one of the reasons I joined Microsoft. I’m just happy that there are lots of other cool and talented folks you left here at the mothership.

    Google is getting a good deal here. I wish you well and hope you succeed (but only enough to be #2 in the web space )

    Congratulations and best of luck.

    PS: did they make you do a whiteboard problem during the interview? :)

  9. Justin Angel

    Congratulations Brad!

    This sounds like a great move on your part and I’m sure both Google and yourself will benefit greatly. If you can have even an iota of influence on shaping Google products, I’m sure I’ll be using them (whatever they are) much more in the future.

    It was my esteemed pleasure of having worked with you and those excellent men and women you’ve brought into the fold in Microsoft. You’re one of the truly colossal ‘softies I got to work with. I’m positive you’ll make Google a great new home for yourself.

    Sincerely and best of luck,
    – Justin Angel

    PS. Hopefully Google doesn’t have a BYOTCCFH policy :) (Bring Your Own “Trash-Can Chair” From Home)

  10. Kevin Harder

    Congratulations and best of luck Brad. I’ve learned a great deal from your books and blog posts over the years, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for the .NET developer community.

    Everyone needs a change of pace professionally every now and then and happy to hear you found a great company. Here’s hoping your immense talent moves Google forward.

  11. TT

    I have to admit that this was a surprise. Anyway, thanks for the years: your blog was the first blog I subscribed, and frameworkd design guidelines has been my “code style bible” from the start. Waiting eagerly what you’ll ship with Google.

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  13. Kevin Daly

    @Darren – I second that (and it would also be nice if someone could get them to drop stupid Google Checkout for Android app sales, since it’s not available to NZ developers).
    But I digress.

  14. Paul Jackson

    Congrats Brad, your work has been inspirational to me as developer over the years; I’m sure that won’t change… other than me having to figure out how to turn your bloody Java samples into C# ;)

  15. Max Paulousky

    Congratulations Brad!
    I hope it’s a good choice.
    Hope, you will be so successful at Google as you was at Microsoft. Also, I’m sure, you will produce a lot for IT industry.
    Thank for all!

  16. redsolo

    Congrats! Its going to be interesting to hear if there are any big differences between google and your previous employer. Moving from one giant to another :)

  17. John Hunter

    Congratulations and good luck. I wish I was joining you :-) I look forward to use the result of your new work – whatever that might be.

  18. Pooran

    Hi Brad Abrams.. Sad for Microsoft, Big win for Google.. Wish you all the best at Google :)

    Hope to see some posts on .Net too once in a while :)

  19. Amit Patankar


    It is a big and unfortunate loss for Microsoft. I hope you stay the Brad we all have come to know and love and not become a douchebag like Don Dodge, i.e. start dissing Microsoft right after joining google.

    Would love to hear what new trends that you will help setting for us.

  20. Alan Stevens

    Congrats Brad! I’m happy to see you taking on a new and different challenge. You made great contributions at Microsoft and I only expect to see more of the same from you at Google.

    BTW, Silverlight on Android would be pretty sweet. (hint, hint)



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  23. Nuno Godinho

    Congratulations Brad! This was a big surprise for me, since the begining by you leaving Microsoft, and now joining Google.
    This is certainly a big change that will bring you lots of challenges but I’m sure you’ll be very important for Google, and if you need something from me, I’ll always be available. Also since your going to something that I really love like Cloud+Web, and knowing how you work, and some of your thoughts about the subject I think the products will be much more interesting, and I’ll have to look again at Googles Products.
    As for who benefits more with this change, I would say that will be Google, since someone with your vision is not easy to find.

    Best of luck,

    Nuno Godinho

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  25. Mike Wood

    Congrats on your new position. I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ll be working on (if you can share it). To echo the comments of several of the others here, Google is getting a great resource and I hope this may lead to some nicer integration with .NET in the Google cloud.

    Mike Wood

  26. Jose Luis Manners

    believe it or not, I was kind of expecting that. I’m truly happy for you and I can’t wait to see the great impact that I’m 100% sure you will have in the developer community at Google. Best of lucks to you and hope to run into you at dev events.

  27. Keith Barrows

    That is some awesome news Brad! Best of luck on your endeavor. I agree with you – cloud + appliances is the direction we are heading. I would love it if my droid could also control my media set, play music from my home system while I was out, etc. BTW: Kick Google for me – my droid is still OS 1.5 when 99% of the “other brands” are 2.1. :)

  28. R. Lawson

    Didn’t see that coming.

    Why leave a space you have already established yourself as a leader in, and enter a space you know (relatively speaking) very little about?

    Good luck Brad. Hope you’re not leaving behind “all things Microsoft” – but it sounds like you may be.

  29. Chess

    Congratulations Brad! You did great things at Microsoft and I look forward to the great things you will do at Google!

  30. Clouseau

    You’ll be in good company, be sure to hook up with Microsoft’s management when you get there.
    I’m sure Gates and co will welcome you to Google.

    Its really becoming obvious that MS has sold out the USA to the gay Google world government.

    There is no way Google can beat Microsoft, unless Tel-Aviv wants it that way, and Warren Buffet is buying desert sand in Israel!

    Good-Bye USA…

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  33. Dantv

    Is this even legal? Does Microsoft even care about their trade secrets? Sheesh…Google has become more and more evil the past few months.

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  39. coolrepublica

    People are so sensitive. Traitor, defector are harsh words. The man needed a change of scenery. You may be O.K being at a job you are are no longer satisfied with, but Mr. Abrams is successful because he knows how to move on and do the things that make him happy.

    I wish you luck Mr. Abrams.

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  42. Tim

    This news has had my wheels turning for the past few weeks.

    When you left MSFT I kept wondering if I should I stay invested in our large Silverlight App or should I hold off for HTML5.

    Now you are at Google.

    I am batting this around more. I hope we hear from you soon where you think the future lies.

    Take care and have fun.

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  48. Rahul

    Good luck for your new endeavor. If possible keep writing detailed blog entries as you have done in past. I have learned a lot from your blogs and books. You will be surely missed in .NET community.

  49. Phil

    Let me check if I got this straight. So, someone at Google one day decided to give you a job and no one, not even Google knows what you will be doing there. One top, they tell you to stay where you already at (aka no where near Googleplex). Interesting. That much have wanted you real bad even if they did not know why!

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  51. Robert Hellestrae


    Best of luck in the new role @ Google, and thanks to you and your team @ Microsoft for building out WCF RIA Services – fantastic for building line-of-business Silverlight-based web applications.


  52. Mason Flint

    Congrats Brad. I’m sure it’ll be a fun adventure. I seriously doubt those ‘trader’ comments come from real Microsoft employees. I’m sure your other former colleagues wish you well as do I. Maybe I’ll see you at Google IO.

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  60. Amir khatib

    well, i was shocked when i read that, movement like this is just like one of the player in soccer moving from one of the city soccer teams to the other one, it may have very side effects.
    btw, is this movement as u mentioned is exactly because of the future? i mean future technology will be google ones? and more i want to ask is that is silverlight going to lose the battle with html5? is it really?

  61. David

    Congratulations, Brad! It was really an honor and a pleasure getting to know you and Microsoft through my interviews, internships, and eventually full-time position. You were an incredible mentor and will be missed on this side of the fence.

    Best of luck to you on your new adventure!

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